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Specialty Wraps — Maximising Brand Awareness.


DisplayMakers was approached to design and build stands and attachments to showcase their awesome clients, specialty gourmet wraps, in all their full glory.

All stands and attachments needed to be flat packed for ease of transport and assembled with minimal effort/tools while being built from strong materials and durable enough to withstand a supermarket's busy environment

Our Approach

We began by researching existing solutions to gain insight into what was already in the market place with the goal of developing an improved solution for the client.

We worked closely along side the client, through the concept and development stage to get a true understanding of their product and what they stand for. 

For Wraps, we discovered that by hanging their product we would be able to maximise visibility rather than if the wraps were lying flat on a shelf.

One key component was to design a stand which was one of a kind, memorable and most importantly, stood out. We achieved this with the inclusion of softening curves and imagery all while keeping the look simple, clean and uncluttered.

The Benefit

The clients display stands now stand out from the competition and allows improved integration of both their products and their brand into the supermarket environment.

The client has achieved a huge increase in sales through having unique, eye catching displays. By showing their product on hangsell they have gained the maximum brand awareness they were looking to achieve.


Thank you

We would like to thank Jovan, Farrah and the wonderful team at Farrah's for their continued support and look forward to fun times ahead!