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Shelving Management

Caltex Oteha — Precise Project Management.



Team Bagia, owners of a large number of Caltex Stores across NZ, approached us in 2016, asking Displaymakers to create some new Shelving Solutions in the effort to produce a fresh new look for their Flag Ship Store (Caltex Oteha Valley Rd) and to help them build an atmosphere within the shop that made it a fun and with great shop-ability.


Our project manager liaised with the client and his team and picked out all of their requirements and necessaries and forwarded on these thoughts to In-house designers to put into working drawings. Once the drawings were approved, the manufacturing team cracked into it and all was made within two weeks and installed within the allotted two day period.


An amazing looking store with a massive amount of shop-ability and character.


Thank you

A huge thank you to the Bagia Brothers and the rest of your awesome team. It's been a fantastic and fun experience and Displaymakers look forward to presenting you more creative ideas moving forward.